Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eye Twitch is Now my Tick

I have experienced so many things since becoming unemployed. During this period of time in my life I have developed new pet peeves. Actually, they are pet peeves that I probably would have had all along except I had just not yet experienced the phenomenon of being unemployed. My biggest one is how companies who post for jobs in newspapers, on Craigslist, or other avenues tell you to either email or mail your resume but then don’t confirm that they got your information. In these ads they tell you “no calls” but fail to let you know if they received your email or regular snail mail. They leave you hanging. Seriously!

The following is my open letter to all Employers on business etiquette and just general, all around good manners (in my humble opinion):

Dear Potential Employers

Please respond to all perspective employees even if it is just to say “sorry, you just aren’t what we are looking for” or “we have all ready filled the position” or “we received your information”. To do otherwise is poor form.



Don’t they know that they can set up an automatic reply to emails? I even think there might be an App for that. Do they realize that people need to move on to the next job possibility? Do they realize they need to hire me so I can do those things for them?

Come on!!

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