Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Will Read for Money

I have read the fist 6 books in the Sweep series for a total of 1126 pages since Sunday. It is a teen paranormal series about witches. I have been reading a lot of teen books lately because I had a dream that I was writing a series myself. I love the idea that I dreamed about and decided that research was needed. I wanted to know if the idea had been done all ready so I started Google-ing and reading. So far it looks like it hasn’t. I think I’ll have to get to writing. I do have an awful lot of time on my hands. I may be spending a lot of time at Starbucks then…typing with my headphones on and drinking a chai latte. Well, not so much the latte…those cost money, which means I might be one of “those” people. You know, those people, the ones that take up a table and don’t buy anything. I wonder if it makes a difference that it is inside a Barnes and Noble. Hmmmmm.

Today I decided to keep a list from this point on of the books that I read. Wish I would have started this earlier. I can’t even imagine how long the list would be. It would probably boggle my mind and a few others. It would be so awesome if I could get paid for reading books. I would be happy and rich. I’ve had a secret longing, like forever or pretty much since I was a kid. I would love to own a book store. Not a big one but one that specialized in children’s books or had quirky books in it. I don’t think this is something that could be done nowadays because of box book stores or online bookstores. I always imagined it would be in an old building in a historic district with potted plants outside with window flower boxes and twinkle lights in the windows.

There was a brief period of time when I was a kid that my Dad worked in a book store. At least I think it was a bookstore…I need to confirm that memory but I do remember lots of books, boxes of books, and the smell of books. Anyway, the store was freezing and my Dad would always bring his red plaid thermos filled with coffee to the store. My Dad was a crazy coffee drinker. He used to take the lid cup from the thermos and make me a cup of coffee (mostly milk and sugar). This was Kathi and Dad time and boy did I thing that I was so grown up drinking that coffee with my Dad. The coffee thing never stuck but I still love the smell of it. It reminds me of my Dad. It gives me the warm fuzzies.

I still think it would be brilliant to get paid to read. Or maybe I will write that book series and get paid to do that.

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