Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haiku! Bless You!

I dig haiku. It is a lovely combination of syllables…5, 7, and 5 to be exact. In theory, quite simple but letting go of a rhyming flow might throw one off. I always have to remind myself that it doesn't have to rhyme and actually it is even better when it doesn't. It is kind of random and I think that is what appeals to me.

My day in Haiku:

Migraine can piss off
The blinds stay down eyes covered
Head weighs like a ton

Walk the dog shades on
Pee poop times two here is food
Back to bed yes please

Words with Friends yes Kat
Yes qi is a word cheater
You suck scrabble cheat dot com

Excedrin my friend
Can kick in anytime please
Head may explode now

Park butt on the couch
Watch Charlie Brown Christmas SWEET
Pig-Pen made grunge cool

Post this mess to blog
PJ’s are calling my name
Yes bed here I come

Write Side of Happy

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