Sunday, December 11, 2011

“A Couple of Extra Bucks Could be Floating in Your Direction”

Bwahahahahahaha! Can’t. Breathe. Kind of funny that this is the fortune that got drawn out of the fortune bowl considering the last fortune that got pulled and I wrote about was “Poverty is No Disgrace.” This one, “A Couple of Extra Bucks Could be Floating in Your Direction is kind of a fun follow up. Oh, the irony and how funny. Let’s hope this one comes true. Ima gonna keep my fingers crossed.

A couple extra bucks would be lovely. I don’t need a million but I wouldn’t turn it down. I would be quite happy with enough to become debt free. I would be more than content with enough money so that I don’t have to panic if my unemployment benefits run out again. I would love to be able to have enough to pay off all my bills, pay my rent for the rest of my lease, have a comfortable amount in my savings account, have my truck brought up to all its required (recommended) maintenance and any other hidden gems that it needs to have done, and a trip to the dentist. Lasisk eye surgery would be righteous. The thought of not having to wear my glasses or worry about my contacts would be brilliant. I’d adopt. Like for real.

Do I need those things? No, but wouldn’t it be nice? It’s nice to dream. I can dream even bigger than that but it seems kind of selfish. The little bit of money that I have left over this week I am going to go to the grocery store and fill up a bag to take to my churches food bank. See, I realize that I may not have much but there are people out there are far worse off than me and that don’t have food. That could be me in the near future. And THAT point is mos’def’ NOT lost on me.

Floating…hmmmm. Will my bucks float on a lily pad in a pond, on a leaf down a lazy river, on a puddle of goodness, or on the wind? Oh, oh, I know on a fluffy cloud! Maybe there will be rainbows and unicorns. Floating on a hazy of sea of pot smoke? Just kidding people, I say no to drugs. I’m weird enough.

Seriously, how will I know that the bucks floating my way are meant for me? Will they have my name on them? Will they come in an envelope? Will I win something? Will they magically appear? Maybe I should play the lucky numbers on the back of this fortune. Do 19, 26, 6, 45, 42, and 36 sound lucky? I think I might have some spare change around. Maybe I will gather it all up and play those numbers this week.

Wait a minute. I just had a horrifying thought. What if this didn’t mean bucks as in moolah, dinero, scratch, Benjamin’s, bacon, bread, dough, clams, dead presidents, king’s ransom, or loot? BOOTY!!! I just really like saying booty. It sounds funny. What if this means bucks as in Bambi? That would suck. Gotta be careful what you wish for.

Writing myself to the right side of happy.

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